Rose-like succulents are entirely possible to cultivate

These mountain roses are a great option if you like the appearance of roses but don’t want to deal with the hassle of caring for them, or if you have a black thumb like me.

Greenovia dodrantalis, more commonly known as the mountain rose, is a type of succulent. You shouldn’t worry too much about killing your succulent because it’s a tough little plant.

They typically appear in a common blue-green hue. However, recently, images of a pink variant of the plant have been shared online. The leaves of the mountain rose are eerily similar to the petals of a regular rose. In contrast to real roses, the mountain rose succulent can be kept alive indefinitely with the right care.

These succulents do well in hot, sunny locations and require little in the way of water. As long as the temperatures don’t drop too low, they’ll thrive either indoors or out. The mature height of a mountain rose is approximately 6 inches.

Succulents can easily be propagated by cutting off “offsets,” which will develop into full-sized succulents in their own right.

If you’re lucky, the mountain rose will also produce tiny yellow flowers in the spring, adding yet another cool feature. As a result, your succulent will have an entirely new level of aesthetic appeal.

While you probably won’t be able to find these succulents in a store near you, you can get the seeds or a full plant from Etsy for just $9. If you insist on planting seeds, know that it will be at least two years before you harvest your crop.

Who would have thought that succulents could look so lovely? So, what do you reckon? Would you put them up as decorations if you had the chance?

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