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Every night, the senior shelter dog tucked himself in, waiting for a family

Scooter, a Chihuahua, is a pampered pooch who has always had a comfortable place to call home. The dog’s owner had passed away, so he was left on his own. He was brought to an animal shelter for strays like him.

He needed solace in any form he could get it. A dark blue blanket with white stars was his nighttime companion. It would be just his adorable little face that stood out.

The workers at the shelter all agreed: he was a genuinely nice guy. But they had no idea if other people shared their sentiments. Scooter is typical of the senior dogs that have difficulty in these situations.

They just aren’t hip with the public like the newer pups are. Most adopters would rather pick out a puppy of their own accord. That leaves Scooter and other dogs like him with few options.

His housing expenses were being covered by the Humane Society of Branch County. Shelter staff anticipated low interest in a 12-year-old dog with a chronic hip injury.

Since the shelter could accommodate him, they accepted the reality that they would be taking care of him for the rest of his life.

The senior dog’s prognosis improved after a picture was taken of him huddled in his blanket at the shelter. Many people were concerned about the dog, including Jessica Lynn Howard.

She immediately showed her husband the Facebook post about poor Scooter. She told him, “I have to go get him,” and he readily agreed.

Jessica didn’t mind that it would take three hours to get to the shelter. She was obligated to bring Scooter back to her house. As soon as he entered the house, it was obvious that he belonged there.

The canine pack welcomed him like a long-lost sibling. The farm that the family owns is quite large, so they had no trouble finding additional space for the dog.

Just so you know, he still does the same things before bed. Every night he still wraps himself in his own blanket and tucks himself into bed. While his new mom means well, he’d rather handle things on his own.

It is time for this story to go viral and bring attention to the plight of senior dogs looking for new homes. They should be treated with the same care and respect as children.

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