A woman makes a desperate plea after her chihuahua was taken by a seagull

Things can be taken away by seagulls if they get close enough. That is a fact known by anyone who has ever tried to eat a basket of French fries. A local seagull abducted a dog from a British family, and now the family is desperately looking for their pet.

They were right in their own backyard when the terrible thing happened. In front of them, a seagull snatched their dog, Gizmo.

How terrifying it must have been to see this unfold is beyond our comprehension. The business owners begged the online community for information. The story was so interesting that it was picked up by major networks.

The dog’s owner is Becca Hill. She claims to have previously encountered similar narratives. She, like the majority of people, thought it could never happen to them.

Her companion was in the act of drying clothes when it occurred. The dog was hopelessly lost. The family is worried about where the animal may have been abandoned and whether or not he survived.

The news about the dog has spread rapidly through the internet. It’s impossible for us to fathom that this bird would be so cruel. Why would a seagull be interested in this dog, anyway?

The area has been thoroughly searched by officials. The dog has not been seen for some time. At the University of Bristol, ornithologist Peter Rock specializes in seagulls. So that other pet owners don’t meet the same unfortunate end, he’s spreading the word. According to Rock, these seagulls prey on anything they can pick up, including pigeons.

Ducks are also fair game for gulls, which will rip them to shreds. That’s why it is imperative for dog owners to take the proper precautions. Dog owners, especially those with smaller breeds, should never leave their pets unattended.

A seagull looking for a snack wouldn’t have much trouble picking off a small dog like Gizmo. Recently, a dog was killed by these birds in the same county.

However, this news probably won’t comfort the family much in their time of need. They must now grieve for their beloved pet dog. Help get the word out about these issues by sharing this story. We pray that this kind of heartbreak never befalls any other dog owners again.

No animal should have to suffer like that.

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