After receiving flowers from her husband, a grateful wife learns that they were actually intended for the couple’s pet

The woman in this story received a lovely bouquet of flowers, but she had no idea what would happen next. Debbie Cardone was going about her daily routine when she realized her husband had planned a wonderful surprise for her.

After all, who doesn’t appreciate receiving a beautiful flower arrangement from the person who means the most to them? The only thing that could have dampened her enthusiasm was discovering that they were not actually for her.

Debbie opened the card that came with her flowers and her heart sank as she realized the flowers were not intended as a gift for her. Sebastian, her beloved bulldog, was recovering from surgery at the time, so the flowers were given to him instead.

She took to Facebook to share this amusing story about mistaken identity with her closest friends and family members, and the story quickly went viral from there. Her daughter then shared the story with her Twitter followers, causing it to go viral even further.

Sebastian had to have surgery on a shaky ACL, and his father was only trying to make him feel better, not to raise his wife’s hopes before dash them completely. We can only imagine her face when she opened the card and realized who the flowers were truly intended for.

Sebastian, for one, appreciated his father’s thoughtful gesture, even if it did incite some jealousy in his poor mother. If you enjoyed this story as much as we did, please follow Debbie and her daughter Lily’s lead and share it with your closest friends and family members on Twitter and Facebook.

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