A homeless man had to decide between his dog and a warm bed, so he threw away his bed

Due to the need for anonymity, the following names have been changed. Good friends Pickles and Marcus ended up homeless together. They spent their days in Los Angeles’s Skid Row, a tough neighborhood where residents often struggle to even hope for a better tomorrow.

Their determination and cooperation allowed them to leave the streets behind. Marcus was able to get his life together and find a place to live, but there wouldn’t be enough room for him to bring Pickles with him.

There wasn’t much room in the tiny apartment he’d moved into, so it looked like Pickles would continue to be homeless for the time being. Marcus, faced with a difficult choice, decided to lean his mattress against the wall so that he could keep Pickles in the space.

John Hwang, a photographer who frequently visits Skid Row, became friends with Marcus over time. He visited Marcus at his new home and felt compelled to record the extraordinary generosity of this man.

Upon entering Marcus’ apartment, Hwang noticed the mattress and asked the man where he was sleeping. The man simply pointed to the floor. Marcus saw this as a minor price to pay to help out his best friend in the world.

You should tell everyone you know about this story right away. This is an inspiring story, and we wish the best for Marcus and Pickles in the future. If you’ve ever had a dog who helped you through a difficult time, you’ll probably relate.

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