Reasons why you shouldn’t eat stale rice

Rice is a wonderful food that has become a staple in just about every home in the world; however, the filling and delicious side dish requires proper handling to ensure that those who consume it do not become ill.

One common misconception about rice is that it will make you sick if you eat it after it has been refrigerated or frozen. However, researchers and experts in the field agree that the key is in how the rice is kept.

Once your rice is done cooking, it should not be left out at room temperature for any reason. It’s not pretty when the bacteria in the rice spores are exposed to air and become airborne, and the spores are everywhere in the rice.

It’s possible that once that stuff hits bottom, you’ll have to make frequent trips to the restroom. Another useful piece of advice is that you know the rice needs more cooking when you hear a crunch or crispiness when you bite into it.

If rice has been sitting around for a while, it’s probably best to just skip it. Those who ignore the warning that they should immediately put their cooked or uncooked rice in the refrigerator are asking for trouble down the road.

Do you have rice-loving friends and family members who don’t know how to keep it fresh? Make sure this tale gets out as soon as possible so they can avoid the hassle of spoiled rice.

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