The internet is going crazy over a cat with a fluffy squirrel tail

Animals who transcend the misery and bring us together with their incredible levels of cuteness are a welcome sight in a world that is full to the brim with bad news and all manner of unwanted negativity. The following video is so brief that you may need to watch it several (dozen) times before you fully grasp its significance.

Bell is the name of the adorable cat featured in this video. Bell is a fluffy cat just like any other, with one major difference. Her tail does not resemble that of a typical cat. Her tail looks like a squirrel’s, and we can honestly say that we’ve never seen anything quite like this animal before. The only way to fully grasp the gravity of this footage is to watch it for yourself.

Bell’s unusual appearance is due in part to the fact that she comes from a rare cat breed. She’s a Minuet, or Napoleon, and that means she has the characteristically round face, shorter legs, and fluffy tail of that breed of cat. These distinguishing characteristics help them stand out, and this adorable kitten is almost too cute to look at.

We can’t believe it took so long for the International Cat Association (also known as TICA) to recognize Bell’s breed as a legitimate one. The folks at TICA claim that this breed has a stellar reputation for friendliness. They’re mellow and friendly, with a strong penchant for social interaction.

In this hilarious video, Bell tries to get your attention in the cutest possible way, and it’s impossible to ignore her. But her attractiveness is not restricted to video clips posted on the internet. She has her own Instagram account, where her charisma has won her over 80,000 followers.

Check out the Instagram page for more pictures of this incredible cat doing incredible things. If you start paying attention to all of her antics on a regular basis, you should definitely subscribe to her channel on YouTube. If you know any cat lovers who would enjoy watching this touching video, please send it their way as soon as possible.

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