A Man’s Life’s Work Is Finding Forgotten Senior Animals Loving Homes

Steve Greig’s grief was deep and prolonged after he had to say goodbye to his best friend. He decided to visit a Denver animal shelter in search of a new pet to help him get over the depression he’d been experiencing. But he wasn’t on the hunt for the most adorable puppy in the world. In reality, he had an entirely different goal in mind.

His mission was to find homes for senior dogs that had been abandoned, and he asked for the dogs with the slimmest chances of being adopted. Steve recently adopted ten senior dogs from the shelter, and his Instagram account gives you a glimpse into his life with his massive family.

Steve may have to get up at 5 AM every day to make breakfast for his new family, but he never complains. Breakfast can be a hassle if you have multiple dogs, each of which has specific dietary needs. The majority of his day consists of jaunts to the animal hospital and strolls through the park. As soon as Steve stoops down to the dogs’ level, the affectionate creatures swarm around him.

Steve thinks the dogs are much wiser than human children. They are more certain of their life goals. Steve can more easily relate to the animals because they have a more developed sense of who they are as individuals. To him, it’s very rewarding to give these senior dogs the happy retirement they deserve by giving them the care and attention they need.

There are numerous pets in the home, including a pig named Bikini, as well as chickens, cats, pigeons, ducks, and more. He plans to keep adopting senior dogs even though he currently cannot take in any more pets. Love, in his view, is ageless.

Steve was raised in a family that places a high value on animal companionship. His house is much more like a home than it ever was before because of these old canines. Help spread the word about the importance of finding homes for senior dogs by sharing this article.

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