This Pumpkin Pie with Fireball Whiskey Will Make Your Fall Extra Special

When pumpkin spice becomes the default flavor of the season, you know that autumn has arrived.  For those who can’t wait until October, today is your lucky day because the seasonal favorite is finally here. Here’s a recipe for a delicious pumpkin pie.

As if Fireball whiskey weren’t already everyone’s go-to shot, did you know it’s also the key to making a killer pie?

The batter would benefit from the addition of some Fireball whiskey.  Everyone will go crazy for your newfound pumpkin pie recipe that incorporates cinnamon whiskey.

However, the addition of the Fireball enhances the pumpkin taste.  Since most recipes for pumpkin pie already include cinnamon, this addition is merely for flavor.  Even more cinnamon was added because the blogger behind Laura Is Cooking found that the Fireball wasn’t enough.  The amount of cinnamon is flexible.

When finished, this pumpkin pie will have the appearance of a child’s play.  Externally, it looks like any other pumpkin pie.On the inside, however, is a delicious treat that is blazing with cinnamon flavor.  Your dinner party will definitely benefit from this.

It’s not just pumpkin pie that can benefit from a little fire in the form of fireball.

You probably still have some whiskey after making the Fireball Pumpkin Pie. Don’t throw it away.

There is a fantastic recipe for adding some “spice” to your apple pie, and it can be found on Gold Lining Girl.

There are many desserts to which this cinnamon whiskey can be added if pie isn’t your thing. Don’t be surprised if a line forms outside your door when you serve your Fireball pumpkin roll.

This pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling from The Crumby Kitchen is already incredible, but with the addition of whiskey, it becomes a royally delicious treat.

One thing we’ve taken away from today is the importance of always having a good supply of whiskey on hand in the kitchen, no matter the season.  This coming autumn is going to be EPIC!

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