Everyday, the 75-year-old devotes his time to the local animal shelter to nap with the cats there

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of napping with their pet will attest that it is one of the most rejuvenating slumbers you will ever experience. Terry Lauerman is fortunate enough to enjoy this every day. Only one caveat needs to be reported at this time. His napping companions are not his own cats.

Terry is happy to provide the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary with some snuggle buddies. The Green Bay sanctuary was established to help disadvantaged animals. Photos taken by the sanctuary of Terry and his sleeping companions quickly went viral. There’s no way you wouldn’t want these pictures seen by as many people as possible.

To be perfectly honest, we do comprehend their position. Take a look at how adorable Terry and his animal pals are when they’re all snuggled up together. Terry’s efforts are appreciated by the sanctuary. They greatly value his efforts and are very grateful that he stops by every day to nap with their cats.

Terry is able to give these cats the attention and affection they so desperately need. Terry stopped by and expressed interest in brushing the cats. Their connection grew from there. Terry may have gone viral, but he has no interest in becoming famous or wealthy as a result. He’s only participating to aid feline friends.

We need more people like him in the world. More people like Terry would make the world a better place. He is quick to share the spotlight with the other dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly each day to give these amazing felines the attention they crave. Paula, the cat’s purported grandmother, also gets a mention.

This is how Terry would have wanted it to be done. His actions are completely selfless and admirable. Did you know there are lots of other cats in the world that would love some attention and a cuddle from you? We really appreciate these people stepping up to help out as volunteers.

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