It seems that “cow cuddling” is now a thing, with sessions costing $300 for 90 minutes

We go online every day to learn more about the trajectory of the world and are continually astounded by what we discover about human nature. We all need to do what it takes to ensure our own happiness, which is why discussions of mental health are so common. We had no idea, however, that some people out here find comfort by stroking cows.

What if that last sentence piqued your interest? Soon, you’ll have the unique opportunity to pet a cow. However, you should expect to pay a hefty sum. It’s not exactly cheap to cuddle a cow. Humans can reduce their stress levels by cuddling with an animal, according to scientific studies. We can’t think of anyone better than a cow.

Many people are interested in this therapy fad, which comes from the same tradition as goat yoga. The cows at Mountain Horse Farm in the town of Naples, New York, are available for visitors to pet. Their higher core temperature and slower heart rate make them ideal cuddling partners.

Who would have guessed? Humans live in a world where they must constantly deal with a wide variety of stresses, so any solace we can find is welcome. If a person finds comfort in a cow, who are we to pass judgment? Amazingly, cows can sense our deepest, darkest anxieties and fears. It will cost you $300 for 90 minutes of cuddling time with one of these cows.

For $75, you can book an hour of uninterrupted cuddle time with no frills, perfect for those who want something a little less sleepy. No matter which appointment you select, a companion is welcome to join you. It has been argued that the trend could be harmful to cows because they aren’t benefiting in any way from it.

These worries are exaggerated, according to the farm’s owners. They are given the chance to live a natural life and are given the respect they deserve. All of the usual worries disappear when they form deep bonds with their new friends. Do yourself a favor and forward this to anyone you think might enjoy a cow snuggle session as soon as possible.

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