Get to Know Loki, the Grumpiest Sphynx Cat in the World

Most of us are familiar with and enjoy ‘Grumpy Cat,’ but there may be a new feline in town who is even gloomier. Despite Tartar Sauce’s meteoric rise to fame as one of the grumpiest kitties in the land, Loki may prove to be a formidable rival. We’ve never seen a cat look so furious as this Sphynx. These cats look unlike any others and are surprisingly gentle.

They have a thin layer of fuzz that makes them very easy to pet, despite their bald appearance. Parents Brent and Sara are overjoyed to take in the grumpy-looking Loki. The angry exterior conceals a surprisingly warm and friendly animal. These felines may give the impression that they hate humans, but don’t be fooled.

These felines are especially fond of getting lots of attention. The Sphynx is well-suited for visits to the veterinarian and has an infinite capacity for love for its human companions. Some of these felines even make a living as therapy animals, visiting people in hospitals and other care facilities to provide comfort and affection. Seeing as how this guy has such a nasty face, this news comes as quite a shock.

Loki’s parents dress the cute little guy in tiny sweaters during the winter because he gets chilly. We couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of his scowling face and his cuddly getup. We applaud Loki for his patience as we snap his picture in the bustling streets of New York City, where he has lived for some time.

The look on his face when he’s told to put on a rainbow sweater is priceless, too. We know it’s hard to believe, but he genuinely enjoys interacting with others. His expression is always one of “get me out of here” even when he is cuddling with his owners.

We never imagined that felines could be so unique, but Loki’s perpetual frown proves it. Do you agree that these pictures of this hilarious cat are fantastic?

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