Here are ten examples of social graces that today’s youth have never been taught

The world around us is unquestionably evolving. With technology’s gradual but steady takeover, our lives have been irrevocably altered, possibly beyond repair. While advancements in technology are unquestionably beneficial, societal shifts have created an awkward setting.

What I mean is that being polite is apparently out of style in the modern world. Young people today are less prepared than their parents and grandparents were to handle social situations because they lack knowledge of basic etiquette. That’s why we’re giving you these ten guidelines for proper behavior. Reintroducing them will improve our ability to function in everyday situations.

1.Recognizing the Value of Courteous Expressions – Do you remember when we used to say hello or good morning to each other every morning? Even as we departed, we made sure to exchange farewells. The “magic words,” thank you and please, are another example.

You, as a parent, probably know how irritating it is to be treated so rudely by members of your own family. Envision how it would feel out in the open.

2. Appearance Maintenance – Many people today don’t even bother with one of life’s simple pleasures: taking care of how they look. Makeup application and other pre-outfit preparations should take place in a secluded spot. People who could benefit greatly from some basic personal grooming are unfortunately all too common.

Third, Proper Posture Is Crucial: Do you recall carrying a book on your head as a kid? Many of us did it because it helped us stand more upright and gave us a model’s confidence. Posture, it turns out, entails more than just an erect stance. It raises our sense of dignity and the esteem of others. Not to mention the health benefits of maintaining an upright position.

4.Written thank-you notes – These are the most heartfelt and sincere of all expressions of gratitude. Do away with electronic correspondence and invest in stamps instead. It will be greatly valued by all of us.

When I was a kid, if I sat with my elbows on the table, my siblings or parents would quickly remind me. Not only is it rude to reach across the table for a dish, but it’s also impolite to slurp your liquid food or drinks.

If an elderly person enters, everyone should stand. This form of politeness has all but vanished in today’s society. There are still cultures where greeting an elderly person with a bow is customary. Give it a shot; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the response.

Women should not be sitting with their legs crossed like truck drivers. That may come across as blunt, but it was necessary to express. It is considered rude for a lady to cross her legs while sitting. I can’t imagine why this isn’t the norm anymore because it’s stylish and practical.

8. Take Off Your Hat: Gentlemen were expected to remove their hats as a sign of respect whenever they entered a building. For a long time, everyone knew this, but these days, hardly anyone follows this one piece of common courtesy.

9. She Calls It Quits – Most men worry about what they should do on a date next. It used to be that the woman got the last word on when the night was over.

Despite the fact that men are more likely to offer to pay, it is to your advantage to do so. It’s a nice gesture, but there are times when saying “no thanks” is the appropriate response.

What do you think?

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