What exactly is an Azurewave Device that is connected to my WiFi network?

It can be unsettling to discover an unfamiliar device connected to your WiFi network. One such device that frequently appears in network scans is referred to as “Azurewave.” You’ve come to the right place if you’ve discovered an Azurewave device on your network and are wondering what it is and whether it poses a risk.

What exactly is Azurewave?

Azurewave Technologies, headquartered in Taiwan, specializes in wireless communication and image processing solutions. They produce a diverse range of products, including WiFi modules, IoT devices, and digital cameras, many of which are integrated into other consumer electronics such as laptops, smart TVs, and smartphones.

What Is the Purpose of an Azurewave Device Connecting to My WiFi?

The presence of an Azurewave device on your WiFi network is not inherently harmful. Here are a few examples of how an Azurewave device could connect to your WiFi:

+Built-in Modules: Azurewave WiFi modules may be found in devices such as smart TVs, laptops, and tablets.

+Guests: A visitor may be using an Azurewave-enabled device to connect to your WiFi.

+IoT Devices: Azurewave components may be used in smart home devices such as thermostats or smart speakers.

+Unrecognized Devices: Device names are not always immediately recognizable. For instance, an Azurewave device may appear with no indication that it is your new smartphone.

Should I Be Worried?

An Azurewave device connected to your WiFi network is usually not cause for concern, but proceed with caution:

-Examine Permissions: If you did not authorize a new device to connect to your network, you should look into it right away.

-Update Security Settings: Make sure your WiFi is protected by strong, unique passwords and WPA3 encryption at all times.

-Monitoring on a regular basis: Review the list of connected devices on a regular basis and disconnect any that are unfamiliar.

How to Find an Azurewave Device

+Check the MAC Address: Each Azurewave device has a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address that you can cross-reference with an online MAC Vendor Lookup.

+Consult with Family Members: Inquire whether anyone has connected a new device to the network.

+Use Network Monitoring Software: Applications and router features can provide information about the types of devices that are connected.

+Disconnect and monitor: Disconnect the device temporarily and see if anyone complains about losing connectivity, which will help you identify the device.

How to Disable an Azurewave Device

If you’ve determined that an Azurewave device should not be on your network, follow these steps:

-Router Settings: Navigate to your router’s settings by entering its IP address into a browser.

-Locate Security Settings: Navigate to the firewall or security settings.

-Block MAC Address: Use the MAC address to prevent the Azurewave device from being used.

-Password Change for WiFi: Update your WiFi password and only share it with people you trust.


Because Azurewave devices are commonly embedded in many consumer electronics, discovering one connected to your WiFi network is often harmless. However, it is critical to proceed with caution and confirm that the device is known and authorized. To keep your network secure, use security best practices such as regular monitoring and strong encryption.

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