After giving up his daughter for adoption 24 years ago, he learns that she and he have been coworkers the whole time

While most of us have wished to have children at the appropriate time in our lives, there are times when this blessing is bestowed upon us before we are truly prepared to receive it. When the father in this story had a baby girl, he was still a child himself, and he was also suffering.

Will Russell decided that he was unfit to be Baby Amy’s father because he was unwilling to accept her into his life and prioritize her needs. This was not a decision he made lightly, and while he would never be able to forget it, he would one day receive the surprise of a lifetime.

Will was drawn to volunteer work in the years following his adoption and began to donate his time to the Phoenix Rescue Mission organization. He would eventually transition into a full-time ministry position after working as a volunteer for the organization for a while.

Amy began the search for her biological family in 2013. She used social media to find one of her siblings, and from there she obtained Will’s phone number. While she was nervous about contacting him, she swallowed her fear and dialed his number.

Will broke down and told her about his struggles with alcoholism and how they led him into a life of ministry when the father and daughter finally met over breakfast. He told her that he needed to leave to serve food at the mission after a long and meaningful conversation.

What happened next has to be seen to be believed, so watch this amazing and astonishing video to learn more. After you’ve recovered from your shock, take a moment to share this video with your friends and family on Facebook.

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